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HSR Logistics Car Transport in Chandigarh, To achieve the goal we maintain a fleet of 70 customized Car Carriers and we handle the movement of thousands of car Transport deals, satisfying customers, multi-national corporations, and dealers with our  efficient services, cheapest prices, and unmatched logistics solutions.

HSR Logistics car Transport services is a very hard worker – When it comes to shifting the Vehicle of client and any person as there are sentiments & emotions attached to client Vehicle and when you shift – you are shifting your emotional values along with it. We at HSR Logistics car carrier in Chandigarh have been taking utmost care in protecting your emotions.

Hassle-Free Car Transport in Chandigarh by HSR Logistics Car transport companies offer a wide selection of services to discerning customers. HSR Logistics car transportation in Chandigarh can even transport your motorcycle, boat, or minibus and can make special arrangements to ensure that your rare classic or high-end luxury vehicle is well protected from all the elements throughout the entire trip.

We Providing the Transport Services to all Metro cities:

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Car Transport in Delhi

Car Transport in Mumbai

Car Transport in Pune

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Car transport in Chandigarh

How to choose a Car Carrier in Chandigarh or Car Transport in Chandigarh Company?

Scams abound in the auto transport industry. We take you through how to choose an auto transport company, and more importantly, how to avoid the scams that prey on those shipping their vehicles long distances

1) Find a company you are interested in and go directly to their website for a quote. (Do not put your information on a multi-quote website. You will receive unfavorable emails and phone calls from 20 different companies.) You must enter all information correctly to receive the most accurate rate. Most automatic quotes that you will receive are for operable, standard passenger vehicles. Cars with modifications (i.e. lift kits, lowered suspensions, bigger tires) and cars that do not run cost additional money for the size, weight, and conditions for the carrier.

2) Do not automatically go with the lowest price. Many companies lure unsuspecting customers with the lowest bid. They then need to locate a carrier to physically move your vehicle. If the carrier does not accept the low price (and generally they don’t), then your vehicle will not be moved. A lot of companies have low-ball customers into using their company.

3) Research the transport companies you are considering. Learn from others’ experiences using the wealth of information available on the Internet. You can start with simply doing a Google search of the companies name, or by using a review website. Call multiple companies, ask friends if they have ever used car transport in Chandigarh. Review quotes, terms & conditions, reviews posted on the Internet, and. Make sure they have been in business for at least a few years. This is a highly unregulated industry, and many less than desirable companies pop up with new names every few years to strike unsuspecting customers again and again. Make sure the brokers are bonded and that the carriers they assign are licensed and insured. Whichever company you decide to go with, familiarize yourself with their dispute resolution procedures as well.

4) Make a decision about which company to use and book your transport. Make sure to have a confirmation via fax or email. Read everything a company sends you before signing it. Be aware that if you place a reservation via Internet, your e-signature is binding once you click send or submit.

5) Prepare your vehicle for transport by removing all personal or valuable items. Auto carriers prefer you have less than a quarter tank of fuel because it greatly decreases the weight they carry and the less weight they haul the better the fuel economy while driving from point to point. The less it costs them the less it will continue to cost you!! It is a good idea to wash vehicles before the inspection report at pick up. This ensures the car’s condition is readily recognized before transit. It’s also a good idea to disable any alarm system before transport.

6) Make sure the carrier inspects your vehicle. At pick-up, the driver should inspect the car for any existing damage. They will footnote the damage on a Vehicle Condition report. They will ask you to sign it and will hand you a copy of the report for your records. Keep this with you until the car is delivered.

7) Inspect the car to ensure there are no additional dings, dents, or scratches. This is your only opportunity to claim damage, so please take your time. If any damage is claimed, make sure the carrier signs the condition report and make sure you retain a copy for your records.

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